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Card balance

In PaperCut, your balance is associated with your user ID. If your balance is below 10€ at the end of the studies, Metropolia does not refund the remaining credit.

In that case, we recommend that you sell the credit to other students. You decide for what price you sell the credit on your card. When you have settled on a price

Credit transfer

 If you have completed your studies and you have credit available to your copy card, you can arrange to “sell” it to another student.

After you have arranged and confirmed the price with your fellow student, follow the instructions below to transfer the credit.


Transfering the credit from your copy card

Go Open a web browser, go to and login with your own username and passwordImage Removed.

Select Transfers from the left-side menu

Type the amount you wish to transfer and the username of the credit receiver. 

Beware that Note that you cannot transfer more credit than what is available to you!

Click on Transfer to complete the transaction.

When you the transfer is done, the will see the following message, select Log Out from the left-side menu to exitmessage "The transfer has been successfully applied".


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