Service Request system Requste

The use of the software causes many kinds of problems and a systematic approach is required in solving them.

Customers (staff and  students) can report problems and send questions by making service requests, which will be registered in Requeste, the Request Management System.

The same system is used when handling requests for other Metropolia services such as Real Estate Services and Library Services. In the near future, yet more Metropolia services will be integrated into the system.

Although service requests may be submitted by emailtelephone and face to face, you are guaranteed to get help faster if you make the request by using Requeste's customer interface directly and include a detailed description of the problem.

By using the customer interface you can also communicate with user support about your problem or questions and view the status the service request - in case solving the problem requires work by more than one person. You will receive automatically e-mail about the processing stage of the request.

How to make a good service request

When you make a service request, fill out all fields to give as much information as possible. In the title of the problem or a question it is good to add the name of the service or software ("Help" or "Hurry!!!!" are not good titles).
In the description field is is also important to explain the following:

You can also attach other documents to the service request: