If the remote desktop features in a browser are not enough for your needs or you need a different remote desktop, start VMware Horizon View Client application. Instructions for installing the application on your home computer you will find further below.

Notice! For the moment, only staff can log into remote desktops from outside of Metropolia. Students cannot do so because of licensing reasons.

Start VMware Horizon View Client

On workstations maintained by IT Services this client application is already installed. You can find it in the Start menu by clicking first All Programs, then VMware (on some workstations Virtual Machines), and then VMware Horizon View Client. If you install the application yourself by following the instructions below, a respective icon appears on Desktop. Start the application by double-clicking on the icon.

1. The first windows after starting the application displays the connection server listing. If you installed the application yourself, the listing displays only the server address that you gave during installation.

2. Enter your Metropolia user ID and password in the authentication window.

3. You will see a listing of the available desktops. Double-click on a desktop icon of your choice to open the desktop.

Download and install VMware Horizon View Client application

Here is how you can download the connection application to your home computer.

  1. Browse to http://www.vmware.com/go/viewclients
  2. In the VMware Horizon Clients for Windows section, select the correction version for your computer. Usually, on new computers, this is the 64-bit version.
  3. In the next window, select Download and save the file to the computer.
  4. Start the installation from the file and click through the installation wizard as shown in the pictures below.

  5. Notice: The server address from outside of Metropolia is securedesktop.metropolia.fi
  6. The installation program suggests now a reboot. Accept reboot.
  7. The computer reboots after which you can use the client.

Etätyöpöytäistunnon aloittaminen VMware Horizon View Clientilla