Metropolia campuses in Bulevardi, Myyrmäki, Leppävaara and Tukholmankatu have received laptop lending machines for their lobbies, from which students can loan a laptop for studying. The lending kioskes are a test to see how we can support learning in modern ways.

Use of the machine is simple:

During the testing period, the laptop lending time has been set at four (4) hours. This gives more users the chance to try out the laptops during every day. The lending machine will not give out machines with a too low battery capacity.

The laptops are basic laptops from Dell. When you log on to the laptop, it automatically connects to Metropolia's virtual desktop environment. This makes the laptops need less administrative operations, and the usage of the student enviroments doesn't need much power from the laptop. You can't install your own software on the laptops, they will be reset every time after usage.

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You can find more information about the available student enviroments from the following link:

Virtual Machines with Vmware View

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Additional Information: IT-support manager Mikko Mäkelä / IT Services