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Remote desktops can be divided broadly along the lines of degree programs. Each remote desktop must have a main user. Helpdesk installs all software in the remote desktops on the main user's request, as permitted by any possible system limitations.


  • creates the remote desktop and fulfills change requests that are made in time.
  • installs the requested programs in the remote desktop using the configurations accepted by the main user.
    • If no special configuration has been requested, programs are installed on default settings.


Keep in mind

  • A degree program can have more than one remote desktops only if there are good reasons for it. Our system resources are limited.
  • The same program cannot be installed in a remote desktop using many different configurations.
  • The license conditions of the programs must be within the limits of our resouces (budget). Users are urged to find out beforehand the license information of the requested programs.



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